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Why you should not rub your eyes constantly 
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lions medical-eye and laser-centre- opti
lions medical-eye and laser-centre- opti
lions medical-eye and laser-centre- opti
lions medical-eye and laser-centre- opti

Events & Developments in Kenya & around the World relating to Eyes

More Teens Need Prescription Glasses.

Is Excessive Screen

Time to Blame?

Experts say smaller screens and an increase in usage is causing a number of eyesight problems for children and young adults

Scientists develop implant to restore sight by stimulating the optic nerve

The new technology bypasses the eye and sends information to the brain directly. The development is that the optic nerve itself is stimulated using an implant. The advantage of this approach is that it can be used on a much larger range of people.

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Acid attack survivor regains sight via new surgery

James O'Brien was blinded in his right eye more than 20 years ago when a corrosive substance was thrown in his face.

For the last 18 months he has been undergoing pioneering treatment at London's Moorfields Eye Hospital.

Surgeons used stem cells to replace the scar tissue over his eye.

Mr O'Brien is the first NHS patient to receive this treatment and it is hoped the procedure will help other victims regain their sight.of the procedure>