The Eye & Laser Centre prides itself in providing professional eye care services. In order to make the correct diagnosis and thereafter monitor and manage the different conditions which plague people's eyes, we have invested heavily in the most modern equipment to assist our Medical Team- which in turn means superior and effective treatment for the patients.

Alcon Centurion Phacoemulsification

is one of the most advanced equipment used for cataract surgery

By a process known as Phacoemulsification (or popularly known as ‘Phaco’) cataracts are broken into tiny fragments using ultrasonic energy. The same equipment is deployed to suck the broken segments out of the eye and then precisely implant an artificial intraocular lens in the same place as the original lens.

New Ways to Skin a Cataract

A look at the latest advances in phaco technology and beyond.

Alcon Purepoint Retinal Laser

is used to treat the abnormal blood vessels that grow in the eye

Abnormal blood vessels can occur due to diabetes or hypertension (high blood pressure) and tend to bleed in the eye resulting in floaters in the eye or may lead to a sudden and complete loss of vision.

Appasamy ND: YAG Laser

is used to make an opening in the membrane behind an implanted artificial lens after cataract surgery and also for making an opening in the iris


A few years after a cataract surgery, in some patients, in rare cases, a thick membrane may develop behind an implanted artificial lens.


Narrow angle glaucoma (laser iridotomy) is also treated by making openings in the iris.

Octopus 300 Field Analyser

is used to determine if a patient has lost his peripheral vision due to glaucoma or any other cause


It measures the visual field status of the patient’s eyes which guides the ophthalmologist to make a diagnosis.

Glaucoma is a condition wherein the optic nerve at the back of the eye is affected as a result of abnormal eye pressures – and if untreated can result in permanent loss of vision. Generally there are no symptoms (or pain) when this is developing. A loss of peripheral field of vision is a tell-tale sign. Therefore, regular eye-checks by a qualified eye specialist can be useful to identify early and arrest its progression.

IOL Master and A-scan Biometry

is used to measure the size of the eyeball

The power of the intraocular lens implanted after cataract surgery is determined by reference to the size of the eyeball.

Topcon Optical Coherence Tomography

provides a complete scan of the retina and optic nerve 


It helps in the diagnosis of any issues with the retina.

Retinal complications can arise due to diabetes and hypertension, age, pressure on the optic nerve (glaucoma) and macular edema (swelling in the retina). Signs that there are issues with the retina are blurring of central vision and difficulty in reading.

Topcon Fundus Camera
is used to evaluate the state of blood vessels in the retina


Helps to detect abnormal conditions - such as leakage, abnormal growth or ballooning. 

A special dye is injected through a patient’s vein on his hand and a series of images are taken as the dye circulates in the retinal blood vessels. This provides a complete picture of the state of the retinal circulation.

Blood vessels in the retina are affected by diabetes or hypertension (high blood pressure). Abnormal blood vessels grow in the retina with a high risk of bleeding in the eye which can later lead to the detachment of the retina. Bleeding in the eye may manifest itself as floaters like dots, strands and cobwebs or even as a sudden and complete loss of vision.

Specular Microscope

is used to count the endothelial cell density of the corneal tissue of a donated cornea

The donated corneas are stored in a preservative medium. Before the tissue is transplanted, its quality needs to be evaluated for fitness based on the cell count.

Only a tissue with adequate cell count can qualify for transplantation.

Nidek Autokeratorefractometer
is a “computer” which calculates the appropriate spectacle lens power

Helps patients with complaints such as  blurred vision for far or near, tearing, eye strain, headache, sensitivity to light, recurrent styes etc.

is used to measure the thickness of the cornea

This assists in the diagnosis and management of glaucoma

Zeiss Operating Microscope
is a sophisticated microscope for precision surgery of the inside of the eye

As the structures of the eye are minute and delicate, the operating microscope provides proper magnification, appropriate illumination and depth of perception - which assist the surgeons to perform with precision

Mindray Anesthesia Machine
is a modern machine used to perform eye surgeries under general anesthesia

Required for patients with extensive injuries to the eye ball and young children who cannot cooperate to be operated under local anesthesia

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