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Why is a periodic routine eye check-up recommended?

There are some eye diseases which can start and progress without any symptoms such as blurry vision, pain, redness, watering etc. With a routine check-up, many eye diseases can be  diagnosed early and treated to prevent blindness.

Who should check your eyes?

Many people who get their spectacles changed every year are under the impression that they are getting their eyes checked on a regular basis. However, only a qualified ophthalmologist can do a thorough check-up of your eyes- including the inner structures like the retina and optic nerve. Specialist equipment is used for such examinations- see this.

Which eye ailments may be detected early - only by a routine eye checkup?

A routine measurement of eye pressure and examination of the inner eye can detect early development of glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and optic atrophy.

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